Mental Health does Matter

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of people living with poor mental health has become more evident than ever before. One of the biggest changes is having fewer staff numbers in the office which has made it more difficult to check in with every staff member making sure that they are feeling in a good place mentally.

In a recent study done by St John Ambulance, 900 people were asked to discuss their mental health in the workplace and to what extent Covid-19 has influenced their wellbeing. The survey first found that “almost 50% of employees feel that their employer should be doing more to support employee mental health during the pandemic. Secondly, “88% of employees were either a little or very concerned about their colleagues’ mental health.” Lastly, “only 54% felt able to tell their employer if they were feeling anxious or depressed.”

These are alarming figures, but at Enrych, staff wellbeing continues to be important and various initiatives have been implemented to enable staff to become more aware of the importance of mental health.  Enrych support some new Mental Health Workshops which are being hosted by GoLearn, face to face and online, staff can choose to get involved in these and I personally am going to sign up to the Journaling for Wellbeing course on May 17th from 6:30-8:30pm. I think this will be hugely beneficial for me to increase my understanding of how journaling could be a key component of my positive mental health toolkit.

An additional scheme we are getting involved in at Enrych is the 5 ways to wellbeing, a scheme put together by the organisation, Mental Health UK. The first of these 5 components is to connect. In our office at Enrych, we have a great atmosphere and always do our best to ask how someone is and take the time to have meaningful conversation. When the restrictions were in the masses, workplace culture had a knock-on effect, and the quieter employees could have easily been left behind.

At Enrych we put time aside to understand how each other feel, there is a Team Building Day planned for June 30th which will be the perfect opportunity for everyone to get together and have some fun.

Being active is the second component that is important and getting outside in the fresh air is a great thing to do. The Outdoor Boot Camp is another new initiative that Enrych is piloting to get people moving and socialising. The third component of positive mental health that is important is taking a new route on a walk- taking notice of things along the way. It is crucial to take the time to process our surroundings as we become more mindful. Enrych are partnering with Woodland Wellbeing who are going to offer a yoga class at the new Wellbeing Cafes in Coalville.

An important element of positive mental health is to try something new. Recently Enrych has promoted the MatchFit program via Leicester City Football Club which includes lunch, football and community volunteering, which takes place from 1:30-3:30 on a Wednesday.

Finally, a really important thing to do to make ourselves feel better is to give to others! Giving help or support to someone is also much appreciated. On the Enrych coffee mornings every Tuesday from 11-12 on Zoom, I take the time to ask each of the members of the meeting how they are feeling and what they’ve been up to.  I think this is so important and I think it helps people to feel like they are noticed and that they matter. Mental health does matter and we all need to feel valued.

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