Learning Disability Week 2021

This year’s theme for Learning Disabilities Week is art and creativity. One of the ideas I have witnessed which helps people to connect with each other whilst expressing creativity is Lego therapy.

Lego therapy is something that works in a group of 3, 1 person who reads the instructions, 1 person who supplies the bricks and 1 person who is the builder. This is a great activity that helps to enhance people’s communication skills.

Embracing creativity has helped people with learning disabilities and their families to stay connected throughout the struggles the Covid-19 pandemic has provided.

One of the main ways we are embracing our creative brains is via coming up with ideas we can bring to the Feel Good Café at the Marlene Reid Centre. We hope, in the not too distant future, to get some of the brilliant designs created by Enrych members and clients at the online art group put up for people to see in one of the cafes. This would be a great way to show what great imagination people with learning disabilities can have and the way they can contribute towards making an environment that bit more unique.

One of the other important things to discuss for Learning Disabilities Week is to express our true gratitude for the fantastic work the PAs and volunteers do at Enrych.  PAs and volunteers help people to live the way they want to live, and also help them enjoy expressing themselves within the community.

Now that things are (hopefully) heading towards a world without any restrictions, people are starting to enjoy spending time meeting others face to face who can relate to how they’ve been feeling. People with learning disabilities are some of the more vulnerable and have been affected more than your average person because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

At Enrych, everyone works very hard to give those they servce a platform to engage and to be able to influence the social building blocks on our way out of this. Zoom calls such as Cyber Soccer, Art Group as well as doing some work at the “Green Gym” project at Millennium Garden in Measham are just a few of the key ways in which Enrych have supported people, especially those with learning disabilities- to feel more comfortable being active and independent in the community.

Each week we see some of the fantastic things being cooked up for their families during the week too. The smiles on faces tells the story for us. It is a true testament to the impact our hard work has on the mental health of those supported in the community.

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