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Today, I had the privilege of meeting Sales Executive, Bethan Morgan, of Cadeby Homes who have recently chosen us to become their corporate partner.

This is a partnership I’m incredibly thrilled about. The first thing that Cadeby Homes did is give us the funding in order to run our Feel Good Café for another 12 months. The Feel Good Café has been a hugely popular thing for everyone within Enrych. We have been able to link in with a few of our contacts such as Woodland Wellbeing to host yoga sessions as well as bingo and card games. Enrych clients have also been able to gain valuable experience volunteering in the café as well. So this is just one of the demonstrations of my excitement of the collaboration with Cadeby Homes.

One of the other projects that we are excited to work on with Cadeby Homes is a wildlife area and mosaic project on one of their sites. They plan to dig to create a balancing pond for wildlife which would add lovely scenery. I have the pleasure of balancing ponds being close to where I live- even a few ducks were attracted to the area once!

Whilst meeting with the sales manager of Cadeby Homes earlier, I also had the experience of looking round one of the show homes. It looked lovely, and I’m in no doubt that the houses built by Cadeby Homes will be suitable if any of our clients at Enrych were to move into a place of their own in the future.

Bethan plans to meet with the Enrych team regularly so that she can see the activities that are hugely positive for our clients. Not only that, but the smiles on the faces of the PAs seeing what it means for their clients to be connected again and enjoying having that broader range of choice about what they want to do!

It is amazing that we have joined together. We are both organisations with similar values and this will be a chance for Cadeby Homes to really see with a local charity like us at Enrych, where exactly the money they kindly invested, will go. We are close by to each others premises, so it is ideal for us both that we can meet at any time mutually available and discuss a project.

The long term nature of the partnership is also hugely beneficial. This adds longevity to our work and our plans to continue support adults living with disabilities. Both organisations are keen to increase connections within the local commuity and I have every confidence that the people Enrych serve will soon be benefitting from the opportunities available to them through our collaboration with Cadeby Homes.

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