It's National Picnic Month!

July is National Picnic Month! While the weather is warm and sunny, it is the ideal time to soak up the vitamin D and enjoy a picnic in a beauty spot of your choice.

At Enrych, our clients are supported to get out into the community and to increase their social connection and independence. Recently, some of our clients have been out with their PAs to their favourite places for refreshments.

Our clients are given every opportunity to visit their favourite places- whether inside our outside. Rain or shine, the smiles on our clients faces are there for all to see!

My favourite picnic would be a choice of bread or sandwich (either a chicken and iceberg lettuce sandwich with cucumber, or warm bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil dip), maybe some rice cakes, crisps, fruit and a bottle of water.

Now that the summer is well and truly here (and hopefully this lovely weather too), our clients are taking every given opportunity to go for a bite to eat and a chat with their PA.

Even during my time at the “Green Gym” project in Measham we have a mini picnic in a way as we might have something to refuel our energy after spending time chopping down weeds and stinging nettles or building a new home for plants. Yesterday some chocolates were shared amongst the team to keep us all raring to go!

There are lots of different things people enjoy in a picnic. And right now is the perfect time to go for it and share your favourite picnic picks with your friends and family!

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