Love Parks Week

It is currently Love Parks Week. Let’s celebrate the space we are lucky to have around us! There are some lovely places locally where many of our Enrych clients have enjoyed spending time recently.

One such space that we have which has become one of my favourites is Coalville Park. Here, one of the Enrych PAs, who does personal training part time as well, hosts the Boot Camp every Monday. This has been a big hit with those that join including myself and it gives us all a chance to improve our fitness in the great outdoors. What a great combination. It is refreshing to do what I usually do indoors in an open space where I get to chat with others too before the intensity of the workout kicks in!

Another place that we are lucky to have available to us in Leicestershire is Bradgate Park. We have a picnic planned on July 28th from 12:30-3 in the afternoon here. It is a great beauty spot and we hope to have a good number of people join us on the day. It will be a fantastic opportunity for people to come along and make new friends and enjoy the surroundings.

It is also important that people continue to protect our green spaces, so that people can enjoy them to the maximum level. I’m lucky enough to have The Bath Grounds available to me in Ashby, and often I see people out removing any litter so that it doesn’t lose the attraction. The summer time usually sees a lot of people using the opportunity of the good weather to have a picnic there- so I’m incredibly grateful for the local litter picking volunteers who look after the environment. Remember, if you have litter, either keep it- or bin it! Keep out green spaces attractive for people and wildlife!

Above all else, it is great that in Leicestershire we are in the heart of the National Trust and we have some lovely places, and our clients have been out and about with their PAs where both can enjoy some quality time. It’s particularly enjoyable right now with this heatwave we are experiencing. Let’s hope the sunshine sticks around for a while longer so that everyone at Enrych can enjoy the events we have planned for the rest of the summer!

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