Sam's Talks About Talking

Every year in July, Samaritans run their “Talk To Us” campaign. Samaritans are an incredibly important organisation and are, like Enrych, helping to support people’s mental health.

Both Enrych and Samaritans have supported me in somewhat eliminating the invasive thoughts from my mind many times. One such example of this is by having the weekly “Cyber Soccer” on a Wednesday. Chatting about the football gives me the chance to focus on something positive. I have made some fantastic connections via “Cyber Soccer” which I’m incredibly grateful for.

I can also say I feel incredibly privileged to host a coffee morning for Enrych, where I help to introduce people to each other and let them speak about anything that’s on their mind. I feel that with having a coffee morning available for people, this allows people to experience social connection, which is incredibly important.

Nobody should ever go through a mental health battle alone. As the Covid-19 restrictions are becoming lesser with time passing, I am hoping to see more people to attend the Feel Good Café at the Marlene Reid Centre in Coalville. This is also a fantastic opportunity for people to meet up in a safe environment face to face. Enrych have also given its clients valuable experience working in the café serving refreshments. This enhances their wellbeing by getting them engaging with those who attend.

There are a variety of things to do at our Feel Good Café such as card games and board games. We also have contacts such as Woodland Wellbeing who come to the café and host yoga sessions. These are also greatly helpful in boosting people’s mental health.

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