World Friendship Day 2021

Friends mean a lot to us. These are the people who help us to enjoy many of life’s experiences.

I’m incredibly grateful that through Enrych, I have met like-minded individuals who I value as friends. I have been able to enjoy doing lots of things with them such as gardening, chatting about football and playing card games. I have also been out walking with one of the connections I’ve made through Enrych who lives fairly close by to me.

There are many things in the future where I will be excited to spend time with my Enrych friends too. One of the activities I’m most looking forward to is bowling, which is booked for September 9th at Hollywood Bowl in Leicester.

Many other opportunities are available for us to connect with each other. There are other card games, board games, or even art projects or music in which we could engage with each other and have fun.

A smile on someone’s face is priceless to me. And spending time with the people at Enrych has meant the world to me. I feel confident to be myself, and I give people the platform to show their authenticity too- which is an incredibly important aspect of life!

As we are now able to experience social connectivity in a face-to-face capacity, this really helps people to get to know one another more, and make those friendships more real as well- rather than just virtual!

One of the main things I feel so happy about, is that everyone at Enrych gets to choose the ways in which they spend their time. With more options being on the table with regards to social scenarios now, people can find common ground with each other. Friendships can further develop from there, and we can enjoy whatever we wish to at our own leisure.

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