Olynpics Brings Togetherness

This summer’s Olympics have made us all aware of one thing in particular- community spirit and togetherness! We have witnessed sports people congratulating each other and sharing moments of joy. Even 2 athletes who shared a gold medal which gives a glowing image of the Tokyo games.

At Enrych, we have been engaging with those we serve to bring activities to them to help them to feel a sense of connection. On June 8th, we launched a Boot Camp, which one of our PAs runs every Monday. This not only encourages people to keep fit, but gives people that sense of togetherness that we can all achieve great results via each other’s support.

Sport and leisure activities are crucial for our wellbeing- but it is also important that these environments are built with the foundations of inclusion in mind. People with additional challenges have been deterred from engaging in such environments, which is why at Enrych, we are actively looking to build connections with sports clubs to increase uptake.

I am a part of two different sports clubs in Ashby- Ashby United Community Football Club and Ashby Touch Rugby. I have felt welcomed to join these clubs, and feel like the members look to get me involved in the games as much as possible which hugely helps my self-esteem. It makes me feel like I belong in that environment and can better myself each time via the encouragement of my peers.

Another activity that we regularly host at Enrych is Boccia, which is hosted at Christ Church in Coalville. I have had discussion with people who have gone along to the event who have described it as “great fun and a great way to connect with others.” Boccia has been hugely popular with some of our service users who go along every Thursday. One of them also described it as a “huge boost to self-esteem and cure to social isolation.” This is so pleasing to hear!

On August 18th, we also have another event planned (in collaboration with Wild Minds). We are hosting a “Nature Therapy Session.” This excites me, as there are plenty of activities to engage with such as meditation, forest bathing, nature art, Tai Chi, and an opportunity to increase knowledge of the natural world and the benefits of this.

The seated exercise classes have also proven popular with our service members who don’t have perhaps as much mobility or the accessibility to get involved in the high intensity as the Boot Camp for example. This still gives these service users a chance to have a catchup and get some much-needed movement into their day to enhance their energy levels.

We are always looking to increase our understanding of those that we serve and by asking them what sort of sports and leisure activities they would like to do. Of course, we are now able to bring many more ideas to the table at this point in time. And the added bonus of this is that people can see each other face to face and experience that “in real life” connection with other people and build some lovely long-lasting friendships

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