Connecting with Nature

On Wednesday this week, Enrych had an event in collaboration with Wild Minds, a company focused on enhancing people’s wellbeing via nature. We had a great attendance for the event, with some of the Enrych clients joining us with their PAs.

I personally found the event so eye-opening. It enhanced my understanding of the natural world and gave me a new-found love of the great outdoors. Over the years, I have been quite an outdoors kind of person. I used to be in the Appleby Magna and Measham Scout group and Willesley Explorers as the next step from that. I had the privilege of taking part in some fantastic events with them. I went on a few camps and built places to sleep from the branches of trees and leaves for shelter as well. So I was well equipped and interested to hear the stories from the Wild Minds team about what the outside world means to them.

During the event, we spent time finding sticks that (using our imagination) we could see looked like an animal or person. I found 2 particular sticks that looked like a goat and a dinosaur! We also went on a quest to find as many things within the woods as possible. The record from a previous Wild Minds session was an incredible 45! I managed to get fairly close at 30.

The most important thing I took from the session was the focus on the task at hand, whether it was the forest bathing or the finding of all the objects. By focusing on those things, it gives that sort of “Zen Mode” where your mind shuts out everything else other than what you can see, the sound of the trees, and the meditation we did towards the end of the session.

What I learned about the outside world, is that it truly has enhanced the wellbeing of people. I was amazed to find out that there are chemicals within trees that boost our immune systems. That was just one bit of knowledge I inherited from the 2 ladies in charge of Wild Minds. There was also an ancient Japanese form of meditation as well called Shikantaza which I am now very well familiar with after engaging in this form of wellness via the Calm app.

On October 27th, we have another Nature Therapy Session booked. This time it will be in Grace Dieu woods and we hope that we will be joined by people from other localities such as Loughborough, Shepshed, Thringstone, Whitwick and all the surrounding towns. Grace Dieu woods is a place which is also a closer journey for most of our clients, as the Moira Furnace venue for this months’ session was a bit further afield for people to travel to. I look forward to welcoming more people along to the next event and sharing with them the huge benefits that woodland areas can provide for our health and wellbeing.

We also have another upcoming Nature event at Whistlewood, near to local beauty spot, Calke Abbey. At Enrych we value finding these opportunities as it gives our clients and PAs a chance to experience face to face social connection in a safe space while enhancing their wellbeing and independence in different settings. I have already seen plenty of evidence, especially at our recent Nature Therapy Session, of our clients having increased independence- and an all important smile on their face!

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