Suicide Prevention Awareness Week 6-10th September 2021

September 10th marks National Suicide Prevention Day. Suicide prevention is everyone’s business and it is important to discuss ways we can stop mental health being such a taboo topic.

Here at Enrych, we have been working hard to provide as many opportunities as possible for our clients, PAs and office staff to experience social connection in a variety of ways. One of our most successful things has been the Feel Good Café at the Marlene Reid Centre in Coalville. This has given our clients the opportunity to meet and enjoy working on art projects or playing board games. After a long period where our clients became isolated due to Covid, we have shown our flexibility and adaptation in finding opportunities that bring a smile to our clients’ faces.

The “Green Gym” project at Millennium Garden in Measham is also a place that has helped a lot of people connected to Enrych and our partner, TCV, to connect with one another, whilst also finding a connection to nature as well. We have had numerous clients and other local people to come and contribute to completely transforming the garden, growing some produce such as beetroot, beans, pumpkins, tomatoes and radishes.

Nature is something that has been widely studied and found to have a huge positive impact on people’s mental health. Engaging in nature allows people to slow down and really focus on the silence and listen to the rustling of the trees and the singing birds. The great outdoors has so much to offer people.

My own mental health has been boosted so much via the opportunities Enrych have given me to meet other like-minded people, share experiences, and also help each other to reduce the characteristics of poor mental health. Cyber Soccer has been something I’ve enjoyed very much, speaking to other football fans and predicting the weekends results. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed hosting the virtual coffee morning on Zoom every Tuesday and having a chat about anything and everything with our clients.

Not only do we have great partnerships with some incredible organisations at Enrych, but also our PAs deserve a lot of credit for supporting our clients on a journey to better mental health. Again, from my experience of having a PA, my life was transformed. I felt like I had a much bigger sense of direction and purpose in life. I finally felt like I knew where I belonged and what I could do to help other people feel like that. I have had the privilege of meeting some of the Enrych clients who have spoken to me in glowing terms about how their PAs have given them the confidence to pursue a variety of opportunities in life. I have every confidence that they can also find fulfilment and find their passions that can lead them in the right direction long into the future.

I am extremely proud of the entire team here at Enrych in the way they are highly communicative about mental health related subjects. I feel listened to and valid for expressing any concerns I have. And it helps me to do exactly the same and give back to the very people who have made me feel like I am valued.

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