Everyone Together for a Picnic

On 15th September, Enrych invited clients and service users to meet in Loughborough and have a picnic in Queens Park. The setting is a favourite beauty spot of mine in Leicestershire and the feeling was shared throughout the group.

It is a huge thing for us to be able to meet in person now. The smiles on the faces of all- our clients, service users and staff- it says it all! We were also incredibly lucky to have the sunshine join us as well so that we all had the chance to enjoy the summer spirit that bit longer.

The true impact of face to face interaction really shone through for us on Wednesday. For a long time (and really a testament to our ability to have the plan B ready) we have been interacting with each other on Zoom. I was a regular on the Cyber Soccer chat every Wednesday. It was always an enjoyable time to have some good banter about the football and predict the results of the weekend games. It also allowed our clients to meet people they’d perhaps not met before and make those long-lasting connections to take into the future. Being able to see these people in real life was a great feeling not only for myself but also for some of the Cyber Soccer group who joined us. Some of our staff were able to have a good chat as well, who may not have been able to have the opportunity to catch up for a long time.

As we continue our plans to create more opportunities for face to face social gatherings, this was also a great day for discussing various places in the local area where we can achieve our mission of empowering our clients to become confident and independent in the community and to enjoy full social inclusion in their own way. One of the places we discussed with our clients was a place called Spot On, which is also situated in Loughborough.

Queens Park will be a location I’m sure we will use again in the future for meetings, as there is enough space for people to enjoy, and it is important we can utilise the great outdoors as well. I’m just so happy to see our clients feeling confident to get out and about and to connect with one another in conversations about their favourite things.

I hope this will inspire lots more of our clients all over Leicestershire to get involved in these opportunities. It also gives a fantastic opportunity to our PAs to meet each other and develop friendships as well. That’s a win win for us!

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