Whistlewood Day

On September 16th, Enrych clients came to enjoy a day out at Whistlewood Common in Derbyshire. This was a fantastic opportunity for us at Enrych to further branch out into different areas and to see what our clients are interested in doing.

We had a good-sized group who joined us, and we also were thrilled to be joined by volunteers from the Derbyshire branch of the Mind charity. I was taking the time to engage in plenty of conversation about mental health with them.

Mind is a great charity for us at Enrych to also collaborate with, as we have clients who have various mental health challenges. We are hugely grateful for our fantastic PAs who take the time to understand how our clients are feeling and show compassion to them. They also help to give our clients the time to engage in different settings where they feel comfortable- where they can also meet our other clients and form friendships.

Being in the outdoors at this location was a very calming and relaxing experience. The activities we experienced included forest bathing, meditation, artwork inspired by nature artist, Andy Goldsworthy, and time cooking apples on a fire we lit.

These types of environments are huge in boosting people’s mental health. We have faced a lot of challenges over the past 18 months and being able to engage in environments like this in a face to face context very much helps us on our mission to help our clients experience full social inclusion.

Also at the event, we had the lovely people from Green Connections to lead meditation and to allow us to help them to maintain the garden area. I worked together with one of the Enrych clients to cut some of the large stems off mint plants and took some off the rosemary plants to allow them to grow back better and so that they don’t take up so much space. There were a few dried leaves on other plants I also helped to get rid of so that the area looked tidier and well maintained.

One thing spending time in these types of environments does for me, is ignites a bigger passion for conservation and gardening. It is an interest that begun to blossom when I first visited the Green Gym at Millennium Garden in Measham. I just feel like I can contribute and work together with people to help maintain an environment and make it a place that people think… I want to be there- where do I sign up!

As the old saying goes- team work makes the dream work! And from staff to clients, we could all say we thoroughly enjoyed our time at Whistlewood with the volunteers and staff based within the Derbyshire area who made the whole experience relaxing and enjoyable. We very much look forward to working closely with these organisations again in the future to provide fun days out for Enrych clients, service users and staff.

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