World Dyspraxia Day

Dyspraxia Awareness Week is just around the corner, and it is important that the condition gains more recognition as it is still something that goes very much under the radar, or gets confused with other conditions.

As someone with Dyspraxia, I feel like what Enrych have done for me is given me the confidence to become a fully independent adult. I first had a PA with Enrych after facing crippling social isolation during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The resulting boost to my self esteem was priceless. I felt much more confident to mix socially with people my own age and older via the numerous opportunities for social interaction that we have in place.

This is what Enrych is all about. We are an organisation who’s mission is to help support adults with disabilities to become independent and enjoy full social inclusion. In many ways, we are the fix to the social care system that is needed desperately. Many people such as myself living with Dyspraxia often feel like we are asking the question “what next?” after GCSEs all the time. With Dyspraxia being as misunderstood as it is, there is not a system in place that helps people like myself to know what the next part of life’s journey is.

Enrych is incredibly important in this regard. We have clients with Dyspraxia who have become so much more confident to learn how to do things that perhaps they didn’t have the support to become independent with in school. One such success story of ours is that one of our clients wanted his PA to make him a meal, but the PA instead gave her client with Dyspraxia some guidance in how to make the meal himself. He felt his self esteem was very much enhanced from this scenario.

Support for people with Dyspraxia is vital at every stage of life, and I am proud that Enrych do what we do, because we are the organisation that help to enhance the lives of people from the age of 18 onwards and provide important learning opportunities to create more success stories for us. The components of support that are most important to us are gently teaching our clients the skills for independence, enhancing their confidence, helping them to become more socially independent, and also a little later on, how to run their own home and finances.

For a person with Dyspraxia like myself, these things could once appear very daunting. But with the support and belief from one of our fantastic PAs, life can be transformed. For example, I can feel confident to join in with social meetups, I have learned how to budget monthly for different things and I am more confident at preparing a meal for me and my family.

If you know someone who has Dyspraxia who may be feeling unsure of where to start on their journey to becoming an independent and thriving person in society, we at Enrych would love to help. We are here to offer our PA service, as well as our Enrych Connect and volunteer befriending services to help to put our positive influence on the social care system. With our encouragement, people with Dyspraxia can achieve great things and learn valuable skills to take with them into the future.

Before I connected with Enrych, I could categorise myself as one of many who could “slip through the net” due to lack of support post-16. However, with the support from Enrych, I feel like ever since meeting my PA, that my life has transformed. What I truly wish for, is that Enrych gets the support to keep continuing what we do. I’d love nothing more than to see more people with Dyspraxia become an Enrych success story!

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