Raising Awareness for ADHD

ADHD Awareness Month will be with us shortly, and it is important that people with the condition can thrive in the community. As a family member of someone recently diagnosed with ADHD, this has become even more important to me.

At Enrych, we support adults living with conditions such as ADHD. With the support and guidance of one of our fantastic PAs, people with ADHD can become a confident member of the community whilst also becoming more independent.

Conditions such as ADHD can overlap with other things such as Autism, Dyspraxia and OCD for example, and mental health can be an added challenge as well. It is vital that people with ADHD are given the platform to learn skills and learn in their own unique ways, rather than be forced down a pathway of having to learn things in a way which overwhelms them.

This year at Enrych, we have offered multiple opportunities to people to enhance their mental wellbeing. For one of our clients in particular, we received hugely positive feedback from 2 different events both occurring a day after each other. The first of these events was a picnic in Queens Park, Loughborough. Our client with ADHD felt a sense of purpose and a connection to the other people there and enjoyed talking about sport which is one of his main passions. The second event was a Nature Therapy event at Whistlewood in Derbyshire. There were different things to do at Whistlewood which helped our client to enjoy the great outdoors. At first, we sat in silence and practiced meditation whilst listening to the sounds of the trees. Our client also had the chance to learn a new skill which was lighting a fire that we could cook apples on. I can safely say our client contributed to helping us enjoy a delicious feast.

People with ADHD can often be misunderstood due to the challenges they face on a day to day basis. But with the support Enrych has to offer, the lives of people with the condition can be transformed to make them feel positive and like they are not left behind. One of the ways we have supported clients with ADHD in particular is helping them to become more financially secure and able to fund their living expenses. This is such an important variable in helping them to achieve full independence and enhanced confidence.

Our clients with ADHD can also teach other people a different perspective on things. I love to become more flexible and open-minded in learning about a persons’ perspective on how things work. Based off my lively conversations with a family member of mine who has ADHD, I love to hear about his own unique thought processes.

It is important to us all at Enrych that we become more adaptable and open-minded to the thoughts and feelings of others. And listening to what someone with ADHD has to say is very important as they could show us the different ways that their confidence has been enhanced by our PAs, and the skills that they have become confident in applying in daily life.

If you are looking for more support for someone you know who has ADHD, Enrych can do a lot for you. We continue on our mission to support adults living with disabilities to empower them to become fully independent and socially confident in the community. With our support, a person with ADHD can see their self-esteem skyrocket!

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