Think Like A Tree

From Friday October 15th to Sunday October 17th- I attended a fantastic event at a place that Enrych have hosted events before, called Whistlewood Common. This particular event was called “Think Like A Tree” and I found that it enhanced my wellbeing.

During the event, I met some amazing people who have that understanding of multiple different types of mental health and how it can impact a person. A lot of mental health issues are still very much misunderstood, but this event helped to find ways to tackle these things in the form of “thinking like a tree” and connecting to nature in multiple ways.

Connecting to nature, for me, is something I don’t actually have to ask questions about. I just experience it. This is great for me, because the whole idea of nature to me is that it is visible in its many formats and variety of colours. Diversity in plant form essentially. Listening to the trees helps me to unwind and forget all the questions I have about everything.

It was an event that I needed no persuasion from the Enrych team to attend, as they said how much they thought it would benefit me. They were absolutely right there too! Our mission as a charity is to support adults living with disabilities and mental health problems to become independent and socially confident in the community. We have connected with different places and organisations to host events and create projects which help us to reduce the impact that mental health can have.

Some of our projects this year that have helped support positive mental health for our clients include the “Green Gym” at Millennium Garden in Measham, plus a nature therapy event that we hosted with support from Wild Minds in Moira. 

One of the ideas I thought up myself whilst at the “Think Like A Tree” event related to trees was that “the roots of a tree are like your family”. They act as that main layer of support to you and help to keep you standing tall and confident. Further to this, I feel like “leaves are like friends.” Sometimes they may go for a while, whether it is on a holiday or starting the next chapter of life at university, and then they can come back into your life and all be part of different branches just like you have friends for different occasions.”

Creating different perspectives of thought was one of the most important things for me during the event. I enjoyed engaging in activities involving taking time to think of my perspective if I were a grandparent, a child, being more adventurous or based upon culture. It helped me to be open-minded to supporting my own mental health and also coming up with fresh ideas of what kind of events could be beneficial to Enrych clients to boost their self-esteem and confidence.

Ultimately, I am excited for future connections that Enrych will be making at Whistlewood Common. It is a beautiful location and somewhere that we have already taken so much knowledge from to help everyone within our team, as well as our clients.

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