Strictly Come Dancing Star is a True Inspiration!

It is that time of year again- Strictly Come Dancing is in full swing! My favourite couple to watch in this year’s series of the show is Rose Ayling-Ellis with her professional partner, Giovanni Pernice.

What fascinated me most about Rose Ayling-Ellis, is how she dances through the way of watching the movement of her professional dance partner and then copying the movements and steps. I personally believe that she is an inspiration to people who may be living with a variety of disabilities to get into dancing- or other form of movement and exercise.

The celebrity dancer, who has been successful in EastEnders, is deaf, and therefore finds different ways to become independent and thrive in each setting that presents a challenge to her. At Enrych, we also have clients who are hard of hearing, and we provide a variety of opportunities in order for them to become more confident and independent. Who knows- maybe we could have our very own Rose Ayling-Ellis type success story on our hands in the not too distant future?

We have very much “Strictlyfied” one of our activities which has been a recent success with a number of attendees. This is our Zumba-Yoga fitness session, which is hosted at Hermitage Leisure Centre in Whitwick. This is an activity we are very grateful to be able to provide for our clients to be able to live a healthy and active lifestyle and it would not be possible without the support of the NHS Charities Together, who gave us the funding to allow this to happen.

It is important to everyone at Enrych and that we hear what our clients are feeding back to us in order to make our sessions as inclusive as possible. This is why our events are experiencing a great turnout such as Boccia, which saw record numbers attending yesterday. It will be beneficial to us once we move into the Hermitage Leisure Centre for this, as it is more spacious and we could have even more join the fun!

With our client referrals increasing, we are very much on the look out for more PAs to come and make a huge difference to the lives of adults living with a range of disabilities and mental health challenges. It is vital that we are able to support these people so that they can enhance their lifestyle and become an active and thriving member of the community who can become independent and face each challenge with confidence- just like (and I’m sure you would agree) Rose Ayling-Ellis is doing to inspire people with additional needs to have a great time and learn something new. What are you waiting for? Enrych your life!

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