It's All Happening At Enrych!

As we gear up for an exciting end to the year at Enrych- that means we have been busy creating opportunities for our clients and service users to meet one another face to face.

For the first time yesterday, we hosted our Boccia session at Hermitage Leisure Centre in Whitwick, which had a great attendance. We have edited the format of how this now works in order to make it more thrilling by sorting our attendees into teams and have them play in a league. This was able to create some friendly competition and something goal-oriented for people to work towards.

We also added another activity into the mix with Boccia, with table tennis available for our clients and service users able to have a go at this as well. It keeps the interest level there for people who may feel like table tennis is more there thing, or to have the option of alternating between the two activities to get a varied experience.

October 28th was also our second “Friends of Enrych” meetup at the King’s Arms Pub in Whitwick, where we had some of our clients and service users join us for a drink, a good chat and maybe a game of something if they’d like to. I very much enjoyed teaching some of our clients how to play a variation of a card game called Hearts. I had previously taught people how to play this at our “Feel Good Café” on Tuesdays and had a good reception from it.

Elsewhere, on Friday 29th of October, we have a Halloween Party which will be taking place at the Marlene Reid Centre in Coalville from 7-9pm. It will be lovely to see our clients and service users enjoying themselves and having fun- perhaps dressing up for the occasion as well!

Our other exciting opportunity beginning soon is in collaboration with TCV. We will have a variety of woodland activities going on starting on November 10th- including making a path for bluebells, den building, Christmas wreath making and outdoor cooking. These are all great opportunities for our clients and service users to experience social inclusion whilst also learning a variety of skills to help them become more independent and confident. I have already seen evidence of the amazing skills our clients and service users have developed. The mosaic making group which met on September 9th created some lovely artwork and we have also seen the work, week to week, that the people we support have been contributing to the “Green Gym” at Millennium Garden in Measham.

We have been working hard at Enrych to engage with our clients to find out what activities they enjoy the most and to host these events in places which they find easy enough to access. Some of our clients come along to our events by themselves which is fantastic to see as we have empowered them to become independent in coming along at their own leisure, while some join us with one of our amazing PAs who support them.

Whether it is our Feel Good Café (Tuesdays) Sports Mashup (Wednesdays), Outdoor Crafts (Wednesdays), Boccia and Table Tennis (Thursdays), Walking Football (Thursdays), Games (Friday) or Walking (Friday), Enrych has plenty of events that we hope to see our clients and service users attending as we aim to build better platforms for social connection and to see these people become more confident members of the wider community!

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