Farewell Felix

Every moment was a pleasure with Felix. Ever since we brought him into our family as a kitten- we have been blessed with many happy memories.

He just meant that extra element to me. I would describe it like someone being pleased to see you when you return home from somewhere. Whenever I would get home from the office or get home from a holiday or anything- he would be there waiting affectionately.

The many moments he enjoyed batting his ball to me with his paws and launching his toy mouse around the kitchen brought so much joy into my life. The impact of pets I think goes understated. They become one of the family!

Each development stage of his life was special to be a part of. He enjoyed living in two different houses with us, and had the joy of more green space to roam around where our current house is. He spent lots of his time over at the balancing pond and also ventured into the field a few times.

I particularly enjoyed times especially in the winter months when he would come and sit next to me before I went to bed. Having that company always made me feel a better sense of purpose, especially if I was alone in the house. It would feel like I meant something to someone or something.

Me and my family’s relationship with Felix was just so special. It wasn’t just us that adored him though. He was universally loved by anyone that came to the house. He was an incredibly friendly cat and gave anybody that affection- and the cupboard love of course!

It’s very true what they say about cats too. Having Felix around truly helped me lessen my anxiety and feel calmer generally. Cats are scientifically proven to help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and can also heal tendons, muscles and bones. Here you can see just how much of a positive influence that Felix had on me and my family.

Reducing loneliness is something that is very important to me, and having that companionship from Felix for 14 years helped me to feel a sense of responsibility to look after him and in turn- make sure I look after myself too. I would always make sure me and him had our meals at the same time so we had that shared experience. He would even enjoy watching TV with me- and end up taking my whole attention away from it to when he wanted his favourite ear rubs.

One thing is for certain- Felix will never be forgotten. He was a cat who everyone who met him will have a place in their heart for. Me and my family have so many lovely photos and videos of him. The memories will live on for an incredibly long time. My final moment with him was shared together in my study at home as he sat curled up on the floor with me stroking him every now and then.

Thank you for 14 years of joy Felix. Rest easy beautiful boy.

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