Thrilled to win NWL Sports Award

On Thursday December 2nd, I was extremely proud to win the Healthy Lifestyle Award via North West Leicestershire District Council Sports Awards. The Awards Night was something I was eagerly anticipating and was delighted for all who have demonstrated determination to promote a healthy lifestyle within the community.

I was also thrilled to the maximum when the Disabled Sports Person Award was won by Eric, Jason, Mathew and Phillip, who have been regular attendees to our Boccia sessions on a Thursday at Hermitage Leisure Centre in Whitwick. It gives me a huge sense of pride seeing these guys win this award as they have helped us to build up a greater attendance to our events and add more options for activities into the mix as well.

The journey has been something I have honoured since the beginning of Covid. Ultimately, I wanted to support people to better their health and wellbeing via the opportunities that we had available at Enrych. During the summer of this year, I spent time helping to completely restructure a local community garden at Millennium Gardens in Measham. This was a huge boost not just to my own wellbeing, but those who joined us for the couple of hours each Thursday. Some of the people who came along to help out suffered with varied levels of health conditions, and even just a friendly conversation was something that gave them a heightened sense of purpose. Having a task to fulfil was also a huge part of that journey. The evidence could be seen after each session of how much everyone had done to make the space somewhere that could be enjoyed by anyone.

Another project I was involved in during the summer was at a school holiday club at Newcroft Primary School in Shepshed. I was thrilled to give children the opportunity to try out a range of sports and physical activities including football, basketball, dance and assault courses. This helped create variety and a positive structure for the children to follow to become more aware of the benefits of exercise whilst also embracing challenges. I vaguely remember those exact words in my memory book from Willesley Primary School in Ashby. One of my teachers wrote “Sam, Enjoy life’s challenges”. I have taken those words and used them to my advantage and to hopefully help others to grow in confidence as well.

When faced with the adversity of the Covid pandemic, for me this created ample opportunity to think beyond my usual realms of thought. It made me think about ways we could potentially connect more than we had actually done previously. Because there are some ways in which we connect now that never happened before Covid came along. So I have seen this almost as a blessing rather than a curse. Right from March 2020, I enjoyed fitness workouts via YouTube that made me feel more at ease because of finding a way to exercise that didn’t require waiting for equipment to be available in a gym. I also loved attending the Enrych Boot Camp during the summer of this year as it allowed me to meet a few local people and inspire them to follow me on my journey to feeling fit in body and mind.

To say I am grateful is an understatement. I am just thrilled to have won the Healthy Lifestyle Award via the North West Leicestershire Sports Awards. And I am proud of the community we have built so far within Enrych- with much more to come. I now enjoy getting involved in different sports projects in line with my Active Together Champion status and documenting each part of this journey via my blog that you will be able to find on the Active Together website. Thank you to everyone for your support.

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