Houseplants Health Benefits

There are a variety of ways to make a house more aesthetically pleasing. Scented candles play their role in a majority of households- at least to my knowledge! Ornaments are aplenty as well. In my house, we have animal sculptures on the windowsill such as a hare, stag, duck and chicken.

Houseplants are one aspect of a home that aren’t just pleasing to the eye though- they offer great health benefits. I am a huge fan of Aloe Vera and could sing its praises every day as a health-boosting plant. It is well-known that Aloe Vera helps to purify the air. Therefore, I gladly have one of these on the windowsill in my bedroom. There are multiple Aloe Vera plants elsewhere in the house too! The beauty of these green machines is that they don’t need to be regularly watered. In the summer, it is suggested that an Aloe Vera plant is watered every 3 weeks, and in the winter every 6 weeks. This makes Aloe Vera an ideal plant for non-expert gardeners like me.

Another houseplant that exists in my household is a Spider Plant, which is also a helpful plant in reducing the impact of seasonal allergies- even lessening the impact of eczema in some circumstances. I have a range of different allergies annoyingly, but I can gladly say that the impacts have not been there to see which I put down to the benefits these amazing houseplants can offer. Who knew that indoor gardening could provide so much bliss. Of course outdoor gardening is fantastic too- but continuing the landscape of greenery indoors is just as pleasing.

I have seen evidence of Enrych clients who have taken a keen interest in caring for plants indoors and with the help of our fantastic PAs, they can gain more knowledge of the best way to look after their green friends and make their home aesthetically pleasing at the same time. In terms of the mental health perspective of looking after plants indoors, it helps to create that idea of looking after something else, which makes you look after yourself as well.

While people all around the country would’ve now taken down their Christmas decorations, having houseplants as a decorative thing can be that element to bust the post-Christmas blues. The great thing is that a houseplant doesn’t have a season. They belong all year round.

Two crucial things to remember about houseplants is that they provide oxygen and they cool the air in our homes. This is hugely beneficial to many people. My advice would be to visit a garden centre and browse the selection of houseplants on display- and providing it is not too extortionate in terms of price- give a houseplant a new home!

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