The Fear of Unknown

For many people, looking for new possibilities and feeling energised by these is like a sixth sense. It can be very different though for those with disabilities who have difficulty processing the cause and effect of scenarios like this.

The current mentality of my new pet cat, who has been part of my family since November 21st, relates very much to this feeling I have which I know is shared by many others living with disabilities. He is absolutely desperate to explore the outside world- but at the same time, he is frightened about venturing around without someone going with him.

I am very much a character who doesn’t naturally gravitate towards environments where I don’t have a clear picture of what will happen. Granted, usually in such environments, it does turn out better than expected. Yesterday I went to join the Friends of Enrych gathering at St Joseph’s Tea Rooms- one of the key venues where we enjoy spending time. I was quite unsure about this; I wasn’t sure where to sit - whether I should sit alone in case anyone else on their own wanted someone to sit with or whether I sit with others.  Throwing myself into social contexts like this just doesn’t come naturally to me.

A lot of people with additional needs such as Dyspraxia and Autism Spectrum find the unknown is something that makes them feel very overwhelmed. Going to a new environment or taking on more responsibility to do things that aren’t necessarily a natural skills can be even more challenging.  Moving forward, Enrych is planning to help people with disabilities to understand what their skills and qualities could mean for them in terms of opportunities.  Their new digital inclusion project starts in February and helping adults with disabilities achieve their goals through technology, whatever these might be is key to this project.

There is pretty much an ongoing theme for individuals affected by the conditions I mention above. We can find ourselves in an uncertain situation straight after our experience in school or college- and if university isn’t the right route for you as an individual- it can be extremely difficult accessing the support to find employment and training opportunities to begin that journey up the career ladder. I was lucky to have an assessment of skills and career coaching via a specialist organisation and whilst this was helpful, but didn’t necessarily provide me with a plan.   Connecting individuals with disabilities with those who can help them formulate and take forward a plan post assessment is key. 

 I am  therefore hugely excited to be working with the Team at Enrych on the new project and be able to have a voice on how we can help more people with disabilities not just into employment- but meaningful and sustainable employment- which in turn will be a huge boost to their mental health and wellbeing.



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