Public transport for people with disabilities Part 1

Numerous people with disabilities have no choice but to travel to places via public transport. It is therefore imperative that there are enough ways for people to get from A to B in an independent fashion.

What I will cover first is the options currently available in my local area as this is a situation I very much relate to. First of all, there is a bus that travels from my home town of Ashby which goes as far as Leicester. So this is the most cost effective way of travelling independently for me.

There is also the Access To Work scheme which could be of help to people. Again, there are certain criteria that people would have to apply to if they could get a taxi fare paid for them if they can’t use public transport. So the 2 ways of travelling throughout my local area both in a work and leisure context are bus or taxi- both of which could do with being more cost-effective.

Ever since leaving college in April 2017, I have relied a lot on my parents for lifts to and from places, as public transport can prove to be a challenge in multiple ways. When I was at college in Loughborough, there was a big gap in the bus timetable between travel times back to Ashby- so I was often left walking around Loughborough town centre after my lessons just to pass time for 2 hours until a bus would turn up. I unfortunately had an experience where I had to wait an extra 1 hour 25 minutes for a bus because of a traffic incident in Loughborough somewhere which wasn’t ideal. I also had to pay quite an extortionate fee for a single taxi journey to Ashby as I had to stay to finish an assignment at college and missed the last bus back to Ashby.

Not every disabled person can rely upon parents or guardians for transport and have no other choice but to access public transport. It is important to me that this comes to the attention of councils and the government as it still remains an issue. I actually here wish to extend gratitude to a person I connected with at college who essentially made sure that Ashby still had a bus service that didn’t require changing to a different bus to go to Loughborough. The service itself was hugely popular as I witnessed with students relying on this from all backgrounds whether disabled or not.

For some people such as myself, driving is a skill that’s unable to be obtained which is another reason why public transport is so crucial. Of course this is coupled with the fact that the economics of driving makes it relatively expensive as well. This adds to the reasoning why public transport needs to be heavily developed so that disabled people can enhance their independence.

The vision at Enrych is to help more and more disabled people to access meaningful and sustainable employment, and what our vision has always been is to enhance the wellbeing and independence of our clients. With enhanced methods of public transport including a train service that runs throughout the Midlands as well as more bus services that travel to different towns throughout the Midlands without the anxiety of having to change buses would hugely benefit Enrych clients now and into the future.



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