Gaining Skills for Independence

Danni, Teddy and Jade

Dannii has bucket loads of energy! As a result of her medical condition Dannii can have several seizures every day. Inspite of this, Dannii wants to live as independently as she can and enjoy doing the things every young person deserves to have the opportunity to do.

Dannii was matched with Lorraine (her PA), who has similar interests and goals and supports her to enjoy life to the full.   They enjoy walking Dannii’s therapy dog, Teddy, as well as engaging in activities such as bowling and make overs.  Dannii was able to achieve the ‘normality’ she desperately wanted.

Dannii would like to move into her own home eventually so Lorraine will be starting to  work more closely with her to help her gain the skills she needs to live independently (cooking, menu planning, home tasks, budgeting etc).  When Dannii moves Lorraine and her other Enrych PA's will continue to support her as she settles into her new home and new life.

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