Enrych Shows Support for Social Prescribing

Supporting Social Prescribing Day on the 18th of March enables Enrych to reiterate their mission to reduce social isolation in the community ensuring that vulnerable adults needing support continue to be identified. Enrych has continued to provide support to adults living with disabilities and poor mental health throughout the pandemic.

Enrych’s values: integrity, trust, respect, person-centred and transparency shows their understanding of the needs of those they serve. They know that medical support is not always necessary and those who have social, emotional, or practical needs need to be able to connect socially but be shown understanding and compassion.

International Social Prescribing Day is an opportunity for Enrych to come together with like-minded organisations and service providers to show their determination to engage with as many individuals as possible across Leicestershire & South Derbyshire.

Enrych has had to reimagine how their support was to be provided during the pandemic when many restrictions have been in place, it has been crucial that their customers received face-to-face support to enable them to stay active and connected.

Bev Cowley, Head of Business Development explained, “At Enrych we certainly had to think ‘outside the box’ for ways to continue to support those we serve as we recognised the impact it would have on people’s mental health and wellbeing if we were unable to connect with the most vulnerable members of our community”. Bev added, “Isolation is already a problem for those living with a disability and the services we provide enabled us to play our part in keeping isolation to a minimum, we introduced online support sessions and supported people to go for walks and have a chat, our service has been so important for so many people”.

Enrych are currently providing around 1,000 hours of support each week and have always taken a very person-centred approach to all they do and continue to look at partnership and collaboration opportunities to enable them to be at the forefront of support to improve the general health and mental health and wellbeing of those most vulnerable in the local community.

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