Enrych PA's Support to Get Back in The Community

As restrictions are lifted over the coming weeks Enrych PA's have been supporting those we serve to safely access the community again and do things they have not been able to do for some time. Enrych's vision is to reduce isolation and during lockdown adults living with disabilities and poor mental health have been even more isolated than ever.

During this time of Covid-19 means that we have all been forced to play a waiting game. Waiting for lockdown to start, for loved ones to recover and for government restrictions to ease. For adults living with poor mental health it has been particularly hard, it has been a time of raised anxiety and stress along with emotional challenges.

Enrych have worked hard to support service users during lockdown, providing emotional support, going out for regular walks to get some fresh air and exercise and to  change the four walls they have seen more than they have wanted to.

Earlier in the year Enrych launched a programme of online support groups offering a range of different activities for service users to engage with. Bev Cowley, Head of Community Engagement said "It's been a very difficult and lonely time for lots of people, our online sessions have proved really popular and it is obvious that those we serve have benefitted from being able to see familiar faces regularly whilst the restrictions have been in place"  Bev added, "People have missed meeting people and we hope that our zoom sessions have helped eleviate some of the loneliness they have been feeling".

Now that restrictions are starting to be lifted, PA's are able to support people to visit garden centres and to do their shopping themselves. Bev said "Those we support are still very nervous about going back out in thecommunity to do their shopping, having their PA with them means they have transport so they don't have to go on the bus and they have support whilst they are out if they are feeling anxious" Bev added "We are excited about the restrictions being lifted further in May when we can look at offering other group activities to enable people to meet with like-mided individuals and get the support they need."

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