Nature Therapy Brings People Together

This morning a group of local people met up at Moira Furnace to explore the great outdoors and learn how connecting with nature can be good for their mental health.

Enrych have partnered with Wild Minds Nature which is run by Jodi & Becki and they believe, that in an age where technology is at the forefront of everyone’s life, it is crucial people find time to connect with nature and experience the benefits of exploring the adventures the natural world has to offer.

Based in South Derbyshire, Jodi is a Licenced Thrive Practitioner and trained in Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing), Becki is a qualified Natural Mindfulness Guide and has been developing ways to improve access to nature for mental and physical health for the last 5 years.

The session was funded by NHS Charities Together who wanted to worked with non-medical service providers like Enrych to support vulnerable adults to re-engage after the pandemic.

Bev Cowley, Head of Community Development said "The pandemic has affected the mental health of many people; bereavement, isolation, loss of income and fear have all triggered mental health conditions or exacerbated existing ones" Bev explained "At Enrych we are keen to explore new ways to empower those we serve who live with poor mental health to live full and active lives, this can be by supporting them to access the community, meet new friends or simply help them to gain independence or confidence after been isolated at home for many months".

The nature therapy session enabled people to connect with nature, try T'ai Chi, meditate and enjoy some nature art but more importantly socialise and make new friends. Bev went on "So many people have become so lonely,  being deprived from seeing friends an family has had a devastating effect on people's general health and mental health and wellbeing. Many people may be facing increased levels of alcohol and drug use, insomnia, and anxiety so we were thrilled to see so many people come along today and try something new".

Becki from Wildminds said "We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Enrych, our session has enabled people from all backgrounds living with different disabilities to come together and connect with nature", Becki went on "We have been able to empower people to find new ways to deal with their poor mental health through our love of nature and the many benefits it provides. We are really looking forward to working more with Enrych as we believe their vision for integration for people living with and without  disabilities is fantastic. Their determination to break down barriers for the people they support is inspiring".

Another session with Wildminds will take place mid October, for those interested please book your space by calling 01530 832926 or email here.

To find out more about Wild Minds Nature click here.

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