Client Gives Amazing Feedback to Enrych

Enrych were thrilled to receive some amazing feedback from a lady living with a visual impairment this week. Enrych have been supporting Louise for several years and she wrote to thank Enrych for their valuable support over the last few years.

Louise said "As I am blind, it is extremely important to me to be as independent as possible. I am a VoiceOver user on a smart phone and I have used the technology services from Enrych to enable me to be able to use various different apps such as shopping apps, banking apps, reading apps, scanning apps to help me live an independent life."

Louise added "I am currently looking at some navigation apps which will hopefully help me to be able to get out and about more independently too. I have also been able to look at some music apps for recording and listening to music, as I am a singer songwriter and really love this. I am also interested in getting more familiar with screen reading technology to enable me to write Word documents and emails."

Louise described how important it was to her to be independent and to be able to socialise with other adults living with a disability "Enrych, has been really good at trying to integrate and connect disabled people with other people. I have participated in a social event, which was bowling. This enabled me to meet other people and to connect which I really enjoyed."

Bev Cowley, Head of Community Development said "We are always thrilled to hear such fantastic feedback about the services we offer, we work hard at Enrych to offer a person-centred service as we know everyone has different needs and aspirations. It is fantatsic to hear what a positive influence we have had on Louise's life and look forward to working with her more in the future, she is a true inspiration!"

Louise added "The staff at Enrych to be really professional, very warm, very friendly, very open and encouraging and nothing seems to be too much trouble for them to be able to help to provide or try to find a solution to. There are still so many things I would like to be able to learn to do and with the continued support I am hoping that I will be able to achieve all of my goals over the foreseeable future."

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