Case Studies - Nick

Reducing Social Isolation

Nick tending his plantsNick has lived with poor mental health for over 40 years. Nick loves being out in the community and enjoys meeting new people. With support from his Personal Assistant, Nick undertakes a volunteering placement on a communal allotment each week. 
Nick enjoys the peace and quiet of the allotment in a calm and stress-free environment. Whilst Nick is out his brother can have some much needed respite from his caring role. Nick’s confidence has grown dramatically after making lasting friendships with others there who are also living with disabilities. 
Nick also enjoys going to do his own shopping and with support from his Personal Assistant has been able to be more independent,    At home, Nick is supported with meal planning and batch cooking. Nick has diabetes so being in control of his diet is very important to him.  With Enrych support he has been empowered to make healthy food choices and cook healthily and cost effectively.
Increasing his independence and reducing Nick’s social isolation have always been key outcomes – having a PA has not only enabled Nick to achieve more independence, but also to make new friends and pursue his love of gardening.

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