Digital Inclusion Service

Connect service introduces digital technology such as computers, laptops and tablets to adults living with a disability and their carers. Through this service we will support you with free one to one computer training and technical support at home or a convenient location. Where possible, the service will loan out equipment, specialist hardware and software to support you with your digital skills journey, tailored to your needs.

Our skilled team will look at ways of supporting you to use the internet and benefit from being online safely. The team are available to provide advice, support and training to enable you to get online and undertake a wide range of activities, from researching information for yourself, communicating with friends and family and to managing your money and shopping.

We aim to help people who are at risk of experiencing isolation, loneliness or social disadvantages and may be finding it difficult to access online information and services.

What people say about Enrych Connect:

“It enables me to keep my mind active even when my body isn’t”

“My latest project is delving into my family tree”

“I felt left behind and out of touch with the world, having a computer and internet has given me a new perspective on life”

“Having the use of a computer and internet access has made a difference to my life. My illness no longer prevents me from shopping as I can now shop online”

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As with all our services, the support we provide through Connect is fully tailored to meet your specific needs.

For more information about how our digital inclusion service could help you, please contact our team on:

01530 234 545 or email

Or visit their website

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