Shane is an active and alert 23 year old who was diagnosed with autism at 16. Routine and structure are very important to Shane so he enjoys the regular support from his PA's.

Shane is incredibly vulnerable in the community so his support has focussed around increasing his awareness of stranger danger and financial abuse. Shane's PA's have seen his confidence increase, he thrives in their company and enjoys learning new things.

Shane and his PA enjoy a volunteering role in a local charity shop, it gives him a purpose and he loves interacting with members of the public.

Shane has a real love of the outdoors. He enjoys lots of walks and adventures, he will make dens in the local woodland and he has a real passion for nature so he will regularly visit local places of interest where he can explore things and ask lots of questions.

PA support allows Shane to be much more independent in the community and his confidence has increased tremendously, having support enables him to meet new people and go out and about which he would not be able to do on his own.

His volunteering role has given him a purpose and being able to go swimming and do lots of walking keeps him fit and healthy too.

Lyn, Shane's step-mum said "Having a PA has made an incredible difference to not only Shane's life but ours too", Lyn Added "The PA's are amazing, they have so much patience and I know when Shane is with them he is always having fun, when he comes home he loves to tell us all about what he has been doing."

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