Kickstart Scheme

Enrych are proud to be a Kickstart Employer and be involved in a great programme getting young people into work.

The Kickstart Scheme is a 6 month paid job with Enrych funded by the Government.

It provides a fully funded opportunity for young people to gain experience of working at Enrych and finding out more about the wonderful work we do.

To find out more about the Kickstart scheme visit the website


How does the Kickstart Program Work

The Kickstart Employment Scheme applies to anyone aged 16-24 claiming universal credit, however, each vacancy must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for funding.

The job placements created with funding from the Kickstart programme must be new jobs.

Placements will:

  • Be a minimum of 25 hours per week, for 6 months
  • Pay at least the National Minimum Wage or the National Living Wage for the employee’s age group
  • Only require basic training
  • For each job placement, you must help the young person to increase their employability, such as:
  • Helping them to search for long-term work
  • Offering career advice and setting goals
  • Support writing their curriculum vitae (CV) and interview preparations
  • Developing their skills in the workplace


If you are interested in joining Enrych on the Kickstart programme call us on 01530 832926 or email us.


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