Collaboration & Partnership Work is Boosted for Enrych

Collaboration is the name of the game since the pandemic hit and Enrych have been embracing the opportunity to work with like-minded organisations to develop new ideas to develop projects to further enhance the support they currently offer in the local communities.

Over the last year we have all become familiar with the 'new normal' way of working. Some have set up home offices, juggling home schooling and coming to terms with the reality that as social creatures we actually miss seeing other people, it has been a bumpy ride for many.

Now we are considering what 'back to normal' will look like for our organisations the phrase 'build back better' comes to mind. There is no back to normal, even if everything stays the same we have to accept that our team dynamics have changed and what our teams needed before may not be what they need now.

Bev Cowley, Head of Community Development said "Recent changes mean there is room for building some great partnerships locally and this will enable Enrych to perform at their best collaborating with local organisations who offer supplementary services such as transport and room hire" Bev added, "We are keen to look at opportunities to continue to engage with vulnerable adults in our community and the best way for us to do this is to work more closely with other charities and community organisations to share ideas and resources".

Enrych have recently teamed up with TCV (The Conservation Volunteers) on an exciting new Green Gym project in Measham which will involve adults living with disabilities, poor mental health in particular those who are socially isolated. At the Green Gym people will be able to come along every Thursday between 10am & 12 Noon to renovate the Millenium Garden. To get started with the planting, seeds have been sent out to service users to grow and when the weather gets warmer, the plants will be brought to site and planted. Everyone is loving being part of the new project and over the coming months people can get involved in making insect and bird houses, wall planters and designing decorations for fruit trees.

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