Enrych takes chair at new NWL Steering Group

Enrych are thrilled to have been voted as Chair of a brand new NWL Inclusive Steering Group which has been formed from representatives across the district of North West Leicestershire, with the aim of increasing sport, physical activity and play opportunities for children and adults living with a disability and to collaborate together to ensure that all ranges of disability are represented in order to bridge the gaps and share knowledge.

The group is open for all organisations, services, groups and individuals from across NWL, who work with, support or provide inclusive opportunities for individual with disabilities and the plan is to develop opportunities for individuals of all ages living with a disability and their families to participate in sport and physical activitiy to promote a health lifestyle andimproved general, physical and mental health and wellbeing.

  • Bev Cowley, Head of Community Development said "I am thrilled to be part of such a forward thinking group in our local community. It is important that we all understand and identify need and barriers and share best practice and key learning with each other. We plan to be able to upskill providers delivering sport and physical activity to children and adults with a disability and encourage them to sign up to the inclusive club scheme launched by NWLDC" Bev went on, "This new steering group is all about breaking barriers and encouraging the vulnerable members of our community to be proud of who they are and to take part of events and activities to reduce social isolation".

The steering group is composed of representatives from organisations, services, individuals and groups from across NWL, who work with, support or provide inclusive opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The group includes but is not limited to key stakeholders: Enrych, Forest Way School, NWLDC, LCC, Everyone Active, Active together, Parents who have children with a SEN, SEN adults, Coalville Town FC.


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