For more than 35 years Enrych has empowered adults living with a disability to live the most active and independent lives possible. We achieve this through our teams of amazing Personal Assistants and Volunteers.

Whether you are looking for a personal assistant to help you live independently and achieve your social goals, want to work with a volunteer who can help you access the many social activities facilitated by our Enrych Teams or you need support to get online and connect with family and friends, we are here to help. 

Enrych continues to seek new and innovative ways to empower those we serve to engage and achieve their personal and social goals.    




Enrych PA Support Service

We've been delivering our one to one PA support service for almost 10 years, we work hard to match you with a Personal Assistant who has the most appropriate skills and interests to provide you with the support you need.

Our team can support you with tasks around the house, getting out and about to enjoy activities in your community or to achieve learning and work related goals.  

This is a one-to-one person-centred service to increase independence and confidence and access leisure and learning activities. 

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Volunteering, Activities & Events

Through our Volunteer Befriending Service we will carefully match you with a volunteer who has a shared interest in the activities you want to pursue.

Most of our volunteer partnerships evolve to become strong friendships, making them pretty special for both those we support and our volunteers who support them.

We also offer a wide range of inclusive groups and activities to improve general and mental health and wellbeing and increase social inclusion. These include sports, arts & crafts, outdoor activities as well as one of events.

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Enrych Digital Inclusion Service.

Our digital inclusion service introduces digital technology such as computers, laptops and tablets to adults living with a disability and their carers.

Through this service we will support you with free one to one computer training and technical support at home or a convenient location. 

We aim to help people who are at risk of experiencing isolation, loneliness or social disadvantages and may be finding it difficult to access online information and services.

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Our Vision

Our vision is that every adult living with a disability can enjoy full social inclusion and be empowered to choose how they achieve it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work collaboratively to eliminate social isolation and improve wellbeing for adults living with a disability.

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