Deafblindness Awareness Week

Deafblindness is more common than people might believe. According to statistics published by Deafblind UK, “around 400,00 people in the UK are living with sight or hearing difficulties.”

At Enrych, some of our clients are affected by this, and one of our clients has an assistance dog to help him who has been one of our regular helpers at the “Green Gym” project at Millennium Garden in Measham. He is also very much enjoys going to Boccia, which has recently made a welcome return and enhanced people’s wellbeing.

Everyone can be affected by Deafblindness in a different way. My grandma had hearing difficulties towards the end of her life and wore a hearing aid. This helped her to live independently and enjoy engaging in the activities she loved such as watching quiz shows or going to gatherings at church.

This year the emphasis for Deafblind Awareness Week is to tell one person. By sharing a story about someone you care for, people will gain more knowledge about supporting an individual living with one or both of the conditions.

Our amazing PAs at Enrych support clients who live with Deafblindness to engage in the community and now that the number of activities available has increased-making it so that a fun time can be had by all!

There are also three important things to do in order to make the lives of people with Deafblindness easier. The first thing to do is to remember that Deafblindness is something you can’t see. So be mindful of the difficulties that someone might appear to be experiencing. Secondly, lower your face covering if someone is struggling to hear what you’re saying. This will help them to lipread so that they can communicate with you. Finally, try to face the person you are speaking to, as that way a person with Deafblindness can see your facial expression and respond to that.

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