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How to Conquer Blue Mondays

I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds Monday, the hardest day to get out of bed. It’s that first-day-of-the-week challenge in setting yourself a goal that, by the end of it, you either will or won’t have achieved. Of course, the goal could be a long-term one with several sub-goals. However, even these sub-goals can be challenging to reach.

Let’s be there for each other and try to change the perception of Mondays. Because for some people, Blue Monday isn’t just one Monday, but how the day itself presents. As long as we have a sense of togetherness, we can energise each other and give each other a reason for Monday to be better.

There are several factors that make Monday ‘blue’ for people, including the weather in January. Obviously, being colder and having fewer hours of daylight is a huge factor. It's a bit different in Scandinavian countries, where there is a certain aura about the lack of daylight. From the pictures you see, it just looks magical. In the UK, it is different, purely because the weather is so unpredictable.

If you are like me, you actually love the idea of wrapping up warm and going out for a walk. The conviction doesn’t change for me. I like walking in most weather, as long as it isn’t heavy rain. And I have a number of hats and scarves to choose from, which is all part of the fun. Walking does wonders for me.

Having someone to share how ‘Blue Monday’ translates for you is essential. Maybe it is some kind of strange coincidence, but it always seems to be a Monday where I have the need to try and solve everything. I start thinking about anything and everything, believing that I have some problems that are too complicated to overcome. Fortunately, I was able to share this with my immediate family and express how certain things make me feel.

I do have this strange connection with Mondays. Like I said, it is the start of the week, and I generally have an attitude where I strive for victory. But I end up having too much on my mind, thinking about the sense of achievement I want, and everything that creates that good feeling at the end of the week or even the end of the day.

Picking one thing that improves your day is something I would definitely recommend. That looks different for everyone. Maybe it is trying a different fitness routine, listening to your favourite podcast, or creating a new Spotify playlist (of which I have numerous). The thing here is that choosing one thing is better than choosing multiple things, as it can become too monotonous. This can then lead to frustration, and I’m all about making each day even marginally better over time. What one thing would you choose to improve your Monday?

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