Afternoon Tea Week 9th - 15th August

It is almost time to celebrate the UK’s favourite pastime- afternoon tea! It is Afternoon Tea Week from August 9th-15th and we have a great way we celebrate this at Enrych.

Something that has been a huge success for all connected with Enrych is the Feel Good Café, in partnership with Cadeby Homes, at the Marlene Reid Centre in Coalville. It is becoming increasingly successful each week now that bigger numbers of people can attend without having to book as government restrictions have been lifted.

The Feel Good Café launched in mid-May and has helped people to experience the connection with other people that was otherwise lost for much of 2020 heading into the beginning of 2021. It has offered an opportunity for new friendships to form whilst giving them a chance to engage in fun activities such as art projects or card games. Watch this space for some more exciting activities to be added to the list of options for everyone to enjoy!

We also have our Enrych Coffee Mornings every Tuesday morning at 11-12 where people have the opportunity to discuss anything that’s on their mind. This has also been successful throughout the past few months with a good number of people joining on Zoom to have a chat. It is incredibly important to me that the online coffee mornings are available for people who may not feel obliged to go out so much at the moment, or who may not have the means of transport available to get along to the Feel Good Café.

There is plenty of evidence to show the huge impact that the Feel Good Café has on everyone who goes along each week. One of our PAs had this to say about how positive herself and her client felt about it: “It’s great, my client has amazed me today, ordinarily he would not mix with other people but I think because he knows it’s an Enrych café he feels safe. He has enjoyed playing Connect 4 with another young lady and I am thrilled to see him looking so confident. We will be back next week!”

It is such a pleasure to hear such glowing praise of what we are doing to increase social connection here at Enrych. And we are looking to further expand the things we have on offer at the café to appeal to more people too.

I have witnessed the sheer transformation of people’s confidence really lift from being in a safe environment with other Enrych service users and staff. It is such a positive place for everyone involved and I am incredibly grateful that the fantastic people at Cadeby Homes have given us the funding to keep this amazing place up and running into the future!

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