National Allotments Week 9th - 15th August

From August 9th to August 15th- it is National Allotments Week. There are two particular projects which Enrych will be championing in aid of this event.

One of our most commonly attended allotments is the “Green Gym” garden site at Millennium Garden in Measham. This has proven to be almost like a hub for social connection in the local community. Clients from Enrych as well as volunteers from TCV have been busy renovating a once heavily overgrown garden into a beautiful space which people can enjoy.

I have experienced the benefits myself the many times I have been to the site. In my most recent trip to visit the site, I was removing the cuttings of lawn, therefore making it easier for the council to mow the external lawn area outside the walls of the garden itself. I also have spent time removing lots of thistles, brambles and stinging nettles. I even removed some overhanging branches from a tree so that it would no longer be in people’s way!

The “Green Gym” project is just a fantastic thing to be a part of, and I’m incredibly pleased that Enrych sought their partnership in delivering something that has helped a great amount of local people. Whilst working with the amazing people at TCV, we have become more knowledgeable about conservation, wildlife and nature.

Some of the people we support at Enrych come along with their PA and they hugely benefit from being outdoors, keeping active and socialising with others after a long time experiencing social isolation. The session runs every Thursday from the 10AM to 12 noon. I would recommend checking that out!

The allotment in Ashby is also a lovely space to get involved in. I am local to Ashby, so I often walk by on my walks and often see people busy digging away and planting new produce for different times in the year. At the moment, I walk by and see the hedges rife with raspberries and it won’t be too long until the blackberries will follow either. With some much needed rain forecast soon after a while of very hot weather and little rain, this will help the blackberries in no doubt. I love blackberries and raspberries! We also have our own section of the allotment in Ashby dedicated to Enrych. There have been strawberries growing in the raised bed which have not seen much, unless by now they may have been picked by passers-by.

Some of our service users at Enrych have also spent time at the allotment with the people that support them. They have spoken of how the experience of “being outdoors and learning about the growing process of fruit and veg has boosted their mental health and inspired them to want to grow their own things.”

These are two great opportunities to get involved in the community and to learn about plants, nature and wildlife whilst finding new people to speak to and gain knowledge from along the way!

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