World mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is fast approaching us, and this year the conversation becomes stronger about continuing to repair the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. The theme this year is all about ‘mental health in an unequal world’.

We at Enrych have a variety of ways we are contributing to enhance people’s wellbeing and to help people rediscover their purpose in life. On Tuesday, we were given a boost in funding thanks to an inspirational client of ours who chose to have her hair shaved in order to support our fantastic work. We raised a great sum of money, and you can be assured that we will use this funding in order to invest in opportunities for our clients to experience full social inclusion and positive mental health.

The main thing we are striving to do, is to help reduce the number of people who are going to their doctor if the main thing they are suffering with is loneliness. We aim to keep providing opportunities which are possible due to a share of funding from the NHS Charities Together. It is important that we show them that what we are doing is working, and I would say that our activities are definitely showing a good attendance.

Within both the “Feel Good Café” and Boccia, we get a considerable number of clients in the local area to come along and enjoy something fun whilst interacting with each other, making friends in the process. It is ultimately (for me anyway) that kind of family feel that comes from being a part of proceedings. I get to reduce my own sense of loneliness felt at the beginning of the pandemic and help to reduce the feeling of isolation for other people as well.

There are also opportunities to engage in green space and nature. Our “Green Gym” at the Millennium Garden in Measham has been hugely successful and we have had people come to help transform a space which had been forgotten for a long time. This has also enhanced my interest in gardening and how to make gardens look more appealing. I love the fact that everyone had their own things they would contribute to the project, whether it was using tools to cut long branches off trees, planting vegetables or getting rid of the weeds.

I would say that the vision of Enrych is something that must be shared throughout the world. It is incredibly important to me that nobody is left behind and that we can reduce the amount of people that are isolated and don’t know where to turn to. This is why I shall be grateful to Enrych for the rest of my life. Enrych made me into the person I am today, and I want to help more people become a success story and to find their calling in life.

Our unique contribution to bring this world into a reality is to continue to put in place events that appeal to our existing clients, as well as reaching out to new clients who may have been isolated for a long time, to enhance their wellbeing and create meaningful social connection for them. We are committed to our goal of increasing connections for people within the community, and we aim to help our clients to become confident and independent each day. Over time, we have witnessed such positive situations where our clients have been able to express themselves in the way in which they choose. This will continue long into the future as more people become aware of what we do. Enrych your life!


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