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Enhancing Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities

When it comes to support for disabled people in the UK, at Enrych we are leading the way.

Our strategy is all about helping people with a disability to realise their strengths, and building their confidence. It isn’t an overnight project. We are working closely with the individuals we are supporting to help them to start applying for jobs, whilst thinking in a holistic way in terms of building their confidence on many levels.

There is a particular career framework, called Squiggly Careers. I want to be a specialist in this so that I can champion this framework and make it accessible for those with additional challenges. It was very much alien to me when I first started learning about it. But now I never look back. I am keen to learn about the different career topics and find my own ways to empower as many disabled individuals as I can to use this framework to enhance their sense of purpose.

Already, we have seen one of the people we support apply for a fantastic opportunity abroad, working with young people, which links very much to the strengths of the individual. It also gives the opportunity to pivot back to something the individual in question knows. This is what Squiggly Careers are all about, and I am so pleased that the individual has increased their confidence and thought very much outside of the box.

We want to provide a route forward for disabled people, who, without this kind of project, could be feeling overlooked. This is testament to our agility at Enrych to think of ways to help those who have experienced a huge amount of difficulty when trying to get into work. It is all about being forward thinking and progressive. Finding solutions to what is seemingly a problem because of the attitudes that still exist.

Part of our strategy as we move forwards, will be going out to organisations, starting off with those businesses within Leicestershire, to educate them on the topics of disability and neurodiversity. I am hugely passionate about delivering my presentation to as many organisations as possible, as I feel that by doing this, I can help businesses to build knowledge and be an inclusive place to work.

I feel that we are the pioneers in this space. We are the organisation who are using existing frameworks but tailoring them to the needs of every individual that comes to see us. It would be great to get even more coverage of our amazing work, and also for this to be recognised nationally eventually. This would be more possible, if there was a new Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work in post, since the stepping down of the person most recently in this position. This is where there needs to be more work done nationally, to look at the organisations setting the example for how to support people in the right ways. There should always be an approach of supporting people with a disability to find meaningful employment that links to their strengths. The alternative, which I fell victim of at first, was to be forced down an avenue of applying for just any job that needed filling, which massively backfired.

This is why my passion is so ignited. I wish to help as many individuals as possible learn all about embracing Squiggly Careers, whilst building confidence in applying for jobs that make them feel like they can take their whole selves to work. I am delighted to say that I am part of a team who can all bring authenticity to the working environment. Why shouldn’t all the other disabled people out there who are looking for work be able to do this too?

On a national level, there is work to be done. Our efforts have already begun, and our goal is to set the precedent for a much more inclusive working world for those who feel marginalised because of existing practices.

Check out our Disability Employment Service in Leicestershire. Search the services we offer on our website or call our friendly team today on 01530 832926!

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