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Thriving with Dyspraxia: Embracing Opportunities, Discovering Talents, and Celebrating Achievements

Dyspraxia Week is quickly approaching. So it seems like the perfect time to highlight some positive stories that make me proud to have Dyspraxia, rather than see the condition as a hindrance.

My first positive of this week, was helping a colleague in the office find a support service for a client who was moving to a different part of the country where Enrych didn’t operate. One of the positives of Dyspraxia through my lens is the way I will obsessively research things, whether that is for my own personal interest, or more often to help others find solutions to various things.

I am also somebody who is very committed to learning new skills. And I can tell you, over the past few years, I have developed a few different skills, including baking brownies, and painting. Me and baking is a combination which often causes quite the stir, no pun intended. Whether that is creating a masterpiece, putting too much of one ingredient in something so that I have to completely cover the worktop in paper towel, or managing to spatter the butter cream mix over the wall- it really is never a dull moment. Away from the chaos that can occur though, I have earned some great reviews for my brownies, as well as my toad in the hole.

Something I have loved the opportunity to do more of with Enrych away from my work in the office, is joining in with sports activities that I didn’t have the opportunity to do as much or have the confidence to do in school. I now love playing table tennis and have had many fun experiences playing this with the new friends I have made within Enrych. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity, as it has enhanced my social circle and made me a much more confident individual.

Something else that I was not given the chance to realise at a younger age whilst in school or college, was any kind of talent I had for art. I love art very much and have a lot of appreciation for it. There is so much inspiration anyone can take from a variety of artists. But sometimes, it can be something from nowhere which really captures you and makes you think “I’d love to create something special like this." It can also be something simple and not based on an existing concept but more about enhancing my sketching skills. The past three years have given me lots of opportunity to delve deeper into the world of art, and have a go at things I would’ve never dreamt of accomplishing before. Isn’t it amazing what happens when people believe in you, and show confidence in you! Pictured below are some of the things I have done over the past three years within the world of artwork. In fact, these are my favourite things I have done: A sketch of 2 logos of ice hockey teams (Ilves Tampere and Tappara Tampere, 2 rivals from Finland), a watermelon design on a mini canvas, and a painting of a penguin silhouette in a sunset background. Also thrown in for good measure is a build I did on Minecraft of Mario & Luigi, using a variety of blocks which show the right colours used in their outfits and facial features.

How could I possibly forget the other highlights of 2023 for me in terms of boosting my confidence as well. I have embarked on a project of public speaking, where I have raised awareness about neurodiversity in a wider context, whilst also winning the Matthew Hunt Award at the Dyspraxia Foundation AGM on July 15th. I have also had the amazing opportunities to deliver my Neurodiversity in the Workplace presentation to Terex, Kocher & Beck and the Enrych AGM. I’m incredibly thankful to the people who put these opportunities in place for me. I truly believe this is the start of something special, and this is something I wish to lead long into the future, with my number one goal being to make workplaces more inclusive places for individuals with a disability or neurodivergent profile.

Ultimately, what this all shows, is that if I or anyone else with Dyspraxia is given the opportunities to explore the things they wish to, they could really thrive in any setting, whether that be in the workplace, or in social and leisure contexts, there are a variety of talents present within the community of individuals with Dyspraxia. Happy Dyspraxia Week 2023!

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