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Director of Operations

Abbie joined Enrych in 2020 as an Administrator for Enrych Leicestershire and Derbyshire. Following the merger of Enrych and Enrych Leicestershire and Derbyshire Abbie has taken on her current position of Director of Operations. Abbie has worked in Health and Social Care for over 10 years in a variety of roles and feels with the skills and experience she has gained she can make a real difference to those we serve. Within her role as Director of Operations Abbie oversees our services, ensuring the smooth running of all services and projects, whilst looking at improvements and growth within the organisation.

Abbie says ‘I am a huge people person, and want to ensure that the services we are offering are of the highest quality. I enjoy creating new relationships with those we serve, and creating partnerships with like-minded organisations. In my role, I will be looking at what communities are missing – hoping that Enrych can fill those gaps, and go on to reach and support as many individuals as we can’.

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