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A look inside the therapy room- a book by local person-centred therapist Chrissie Henson

I was very excited about the prospect of interviewing Chrissie Henson, a remarkable local resident whose book ‘A Look Inside the Therapy Room’ is due to be published on 18th February 2023.

Chrissie began her writing journey in September 2022 and one of the things that most impressed me was her energy and ambition. Despite living with a disability herself, Chrissie is certainly not afraid to dream big and hopes to be able to encourage colleges and universities to include her book in their framework for learning relating to mental health.

Many people, particularly those of my age, may not be budding readers but this book is engaging and informative even if you are not someone who claims to be an avid reader. The book is packed with real stories, many of which are likely to be so relatable, and focuses on the importance of taking a person-centred approach when helping people overcome poor mental health. Chrissie has also developed a website which is full of useful information and ideas Therapists In Leicester | Counselling With Chrissie Henson | England

As a former user of counsellor services, looking back at my own experience within the therapy room, I wasn’t sure it was really going anywhere. I just felt like I was sharing all these thoughts with a stranger but had no idea how to go back next time having answered any of the burning questions that always left me with the anxiety.

Publishing a book is no easy task and I have huge admiration for Chrissie for doing this. Her lived experience goes a long way in enabling Chrissie to write this book and retell people’s stories in an empathetic but informative way. I would love to be able to support her in getting this book the recognition it deserves and am hoping that the first thing I can help with is a book launch. I’m not an avid reader; whilst many people talk about immersing themselves in the worlds created by novels, I find it difficult to connect with any world or situation described in fiction. However, I have developed a keen interest in self-help books and books which reflect the reality of my world.

Often, authors spend years thinking of additional material to include in their book. However, “A Look Inside the Therapy Room” is a bite-sized read and Chrissie had plenty of material to bring this to life. I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Chrissie and finding out more about her experiences and her book and will be keeping in contact to provide support as and when it hits the bookshop shelves to help raise awareness. I think this is just the beginning for Chrissie and she should be justifiably proud of what she has achieved. What an inspiration and I hope others will be as inspired and motivated as I was having met her.

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