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International Day of the Charity

Sam talks about International Day of the Charity.


International Day of the Charity will soon be here. This is an important day in the calendar for us as it formally recognises the important role that charities play in delivering vital services. This role has never been more important than it has over the last couple of years as more people have found themselves needing to turn to charities for help.

For over 35 years, we have been supporting adults living with disabilities to become more confident to attend community social events as well as become more independent in living at home. Over the course of the pandemic this focus changed to ensuring people were safe, reducing risk and doing what we could to avoid isolation and negative impact on wellbeing.

One of the things we pride ourselves on is how we demonstrate the impact of our work. We want to show funders how we are using their funding and providing value for their money. One of the ways in which we have done that is setting up our Feel Good Café, located at the George Smith Hub in Coalville. More and more people are coming along to enjoy the social interaction, make and meet new friends and enjoy the activities on offer. We know too that as the colder weather approaches, the warmth and welcome that our Café offers will be even more vital for many.

This is a true reflection of our mission to empower people to choose the ways in which they wish to experience full social inclusion and independence.

Moving forward, we plan to give PAs every chance to experience progression in their role by giving them opportunities to host events. This helps our community as a familiar face helps our groups to feel more connected, rather than having an external person having to build that relationship right from scratch.

Our longer term mission is to reach out to more and more people across the country and support many more adults living with disabilities. The extended area of focus for us at this point is employment. I have been delighted about my growth as an individual, which I am hugely thankful to Enrych for. They have shown immense belief in my ability to step outside my comfort zone and do things I never envisioned myself doing- such as hosting a quiz and leading our Boccia and multisports sessions. I wish to see as many people as possible experience this same boost to their self esteem and confidence, and Enrych continues to build on its thriving digital empowerment service by connecting with other local organisations who can speak to young people and get them involved with the things we are doing.

Enrych continue to give me the platform to discuss big topics such as employment and find different ways we can be the leading organisation when it comes to employment support for adults living with disabilities. I have spoken to organisations such as The Disability Policy Center, who also have that passion to support people with disabilities to be able to live a productive life. I have spoken to them so far about topics such as education, employment and public transport, with more talks approaching in the next couple of months.

One thing is for certain, we are hugely passionate about what we do. We have a variety of ways we continue to enhance the lives of adults living with disabilities and mental health challenges. Come and see the evidence for yourselves. Come and see the smiles on faces of people we have prevented from being socially isolated and helped to become confident and socially included. Our mission to remove the systemic barriers will never be lost on us. This is just the beginning for us, and your support on International Day of the Charity and beyond goes greatly appreciated by us.

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