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Love Parks Week

Sam talks about the importance of exploring green space and the benefit it has to your mind.


The organisation, Keep Britain Tidy, has backed calls for a ‘legal right’ to green space, which is part of the levelling up agenda for the UK. I find it particularly striking that this is something that even needs to happen and that protecting spaces that everyone uses and enjoys has to be covered by legislation. Mind blowing!

There are some lovely spaces to explore around the UK, and I am fortunate to live within easy reach of many of these. Hicks Lodge, Beacon Hill, Queens Park, Bradgate Park and The Outwoods are just a few of my favourite green spaces to spend time in. Each of these places has something unique about it that makes the diversity of the green landscape something to celebrate more. Whether it is the variety of wooden crafted sculptures on show at The Outwoods (Woodhouse Eaves), the ducks and swans at Hicks Lodge or the sight of deer at Bradgate Park. And that’s not to mention the wash of colour that gives these places a new lease of life as the seasons change.

Many of our clients at Enrych love to spend time in the great outdoors. Whether it is further expressing their passion for photography or just going for a walk and putting the world to rights with one of our excellent PAs, there really are no limits to what can be enjoyed in the great outdoors. Our partnership with TCV has enabled us to link in with their conservation initiatives too, an even better reason to spend time outdoors and ensure that what it offers can be enjoyed by many generations to come.

Something that makes me even prouder, is that across 2021/2022, there have been the highest ever number of parks, 2,127 to be exact, that have gained the sought after Green Flag Award. This is all down to the incredible work that people have been doing in the community to make these spaces accessible for everybody.

Research states that 59% of people say they felt less stressed when being able to access a local park, while 55% reported their mood was enhanced by these scenarios. In addition to this, 53% of people visit a park or green space at least once a week and 93% think parks are a fundamental part of enhancing people’s overall wellbeing.

To me this just further reinforces the questions: should it have to be legislated? Isn’t it just common sense and isn’t the evidence available enough to protect the lovely scenery around us? I was shocked to learn that that “1 in 3 people in England can’t access quality green space close to their home when Governments continue to rule that there is a need for more properties to be built; this is the main reason why the amount of green space is diminishing. It seems to me there needs to be a more meaningful conversation when it comes to planning permission for houses, restaurants and other buildings.

In the ecosystem, green space plays a pivotal role in our wellbeing and overall health. We have all known via extensive studies done in this field that mortality rates lessen when green space is accessible to all without any barriers. At Enrych, we pride ourselves as the organisation who are leading on multiple fronts. Removing the barriers to accessibility is a huge part of our mission. Amongst our activities, our clients have got involved in projects related to green space such as mosaics. We wish to build on these opportunities and continue to enhance the overall health and wellbeing of those we support. How will you celebrate Love Parks Week?

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