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Stress Awareness Day

Sam talk about Stress Awareness Day


As we all know, stress can impact people differently and not always in a negative way. It can be something that can drive us to achieve something or improve our own circumstances - but equally there is a fine line between helpful stress that motivates and that which has a negative impact on our mental or physical health. November 2nd is Stress Awareness Day and it is important to take this time to discuss the impacts of it and what can be done to prevent it becoming a problem.

Luckily, I feel none of the physical traits of stress. However, one of the factors that goes way under the radar are skin conditions such as acne and eczema. As a teenager, I suffered from acne in my late teens. I have suffered with eczema to varying degrees since birth- with times it has been very severe and completely knocked the enjoyment out of what would usually be the most joyful experiences, such as going on holiday.

Everyone is affected differently. Someone who worries a lot about the future or the past, according to a chart published by Rethink Mental Health, is likely to also suffer from headaches. I sometimes worry about the vision for my future and feel like moments in the past haven’t helped me on my way- but for me this doesn’t result in headaches.

One of my top tips as a stress buster is to review your diet and perhaps swap a few things you are eating or change your meal plan throughout the week. Exercise can also be extremely effective in combatting feelings of stress. I have also found that having responsibility for looking after an animal can help to alleviate stressful feelings. I love my pet cat, Kaspar and he in turn loves a stroke or ear rub. It has become a well-known fact that stroking a pet animal helps to lower blood pressure, which means that the chances of strokes and heart attacks are lessened. Going out for a walk in the fresh air with a pet dog is also a good way to reduce stress.

There are a multitude of ways to prevent stress. As an organisation, we are incredibly passionate about promoting ways to create positive mental health across the board. I can proudly say that from the survey analysis I have recently done, our clients have responded positively when asked numerous questions about their mental health. All of the clients I have spoken to have expressed how our events and activities programme has given them a new sense of self-worth and helped them to make long lasting connections in the community. Confidence has also hugely increased and we have witnessed our clients becoming more independent and taking the lead in scenarios which suit them. This is all down to our person-centred approach in helping our clients recognise their goals and how they wish to achieve this. We shall continue to provide as many opportunities as possible for our clients to grow and our office staff to increase their wellbeing and becoming healthier people in the long run.

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