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Carers Week 2022

Sam talks about appreciating all carers in the industry.


This week has been one in which we have celebrated those people who are providing care on an unpaid basis, normally for another family member and some of whom are young people under 18. As such I was very surprised to discover that there are currently estimated to be roughly 6.5 million unpaid carers in the UK. It is incredibly important to me and my colleagues at Enrych that we highlight this and recognise the hard work that these 6.5 million plus individuals do

In February of this year, the Carers’ Trust reported that 48% of carers had to give up their job and therefore an income in order to care for those closest to them. What’s more, 49% of carers had to use personal savings to provide them with an income and 51% had to give up personal interests in order to focus on their caring role.

In March, it was also revealed that the burden on young carers had increased due to the strain of the Covid-19 pandemic and its lasting effects. As part of the same research project, it was found that 36% of young carers and young adult carers said their caring role often left them feeling anxious, with 33% feeling lonely and 42% feeling stressed.

Being a carer takes an unprecedented amount of time and commitment. This is why people who are giving their time to provide for the needs of their loved ones need to be able to access support. The carers ultimately have lives too and should not only be able to continue to enjoy some of the things they like to do in their time, but equal not have to feel anxious or guilty about finding time for themselves. Equally if seems unreasonable for them to have to endure financial instability personally in order to fulfil their care responsibilities.

One of my colleagues here at Enrych has recently attended an event on the topic of Carers Week. The work we do is pivotal to people being able to live the life they wish to. Our excellent PA service allows the families of people we support to continue to work and continue to enjoy their own hobbies outside of that.

To me, it’s the aspect of collaboration that is the most important thing here. Collaboration facilitates more versatility; it enables the families of those we support to continue pursuing their dreams and ambitions.

Enrych is a true helping hand in the mission to relieve the pressure some carers can face. We strive to do everything we can in order to make others feel a sense of connection to the world and feel like an integral part of the community. Listening to people’s stories about their life experience is also imperative to our success. Our biggest wish is to end that feeling of isolation that caring for an individual who have a long term health condition or be living with a disability can have.

As well as providing practical support, we also want to step up the conversation about the changes that are needed to ultimately improve lives and prevent a potential mental health crisis. Please continue to support us on this journey!

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