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World Kindness Day

I’m sure we all know that the world feels like a much happier place when we are kind to each other. I believe kindness can be demonstrated in so many ways and this year’s theme for World Kindness Day on 13th November is “being kind wherever possible” and, as the 14th Dalai Lama is known to have said, “it is always possible”.

Of course, kindness isn’t only shown to humans. We should also be kind to our planet, our living spaces, our pets, and our plants. I love spending time with my cat and clearly see the health benefits of having him around. I also enjoy going outside and looking at how the trees and plants change as the seasons come and go and at the moment all of the autumnal colours can provide a beautiful backdrop. I also put every effort to be kind to my living space and maintain a clean environment in which people feel welcome.

We can all have a few basic aims when it comes to being kind. I always aim to speak with respect to others and hold the door open for people who are passing through the same door as me. I offer help to my friends wherever I can when they need it. Last, but by no means least, (and how could I ever forget), the boxes of homemade brownies I have brought into the office to share with colleagues. They all work very hard to achieve our mission and aims so I believe a treat is very well deserved. Generally, it costs nothing to be kind but it can make all the difference to someone who may be feeling a little low.

In a world dominated by concerns about the impact we are having on our planet, it is important that we each do our bit to be kind to it. We can all make sure we dispose of litter, which not only keeps our spaces clean but also means that we leave better habitats for many animals. I’m sure everyone is aware that the ecosystem has room for humans as well as animals and plants. Each species plays a key role in this ecosystem, and I have learnt more about this via one of the partner organisations of Enrych, TCV. TCV offer opportunities to our clients to help maintain community garden spaces, creating great spaces for people to enjoy as well as ensuring we are kind to our environment. I very much enjoyed being part of the team that restored the Millennium Garden site in Measham. It hugely benefitted the mental health and wellbeing of a number of our clients and service users and we all learned more about the lifecycle of plants and how to maintain a healthy environment in which they can grow.

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that people throughout the world generally want to feel a sense of community. I see it as our duty to look out for each other, to give each other a helping hand and overall, to collaborate in order to achieve great things. It is together that we can create a world where division no longer dominates headlines and kindness instead takes the lead.

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